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On the action front, you already have what we need, your mobile vehicle. All you need to do is register as our driver partner and get the taxi-top setup on top of your 4-wheeler.

All you need to do is provide your Vehicle Details and Bank details, get the devices installed on top of your car, and take care of the taxi top during off hours, it is removable and should be stored in safe place during off hours.

You earn fixed amount per month for the same, and you earn bonus points based on strategies that will change as per business rules, and these bonus points will earn you brownie points in future ventures.

Absolutely not. The device is built on light bearing materials, which are perforated to ensure no damage to the vehicle of any kind. It is hassle-free, and damage-proof. It is removable, and you must ensure it is taken well care of during off hours.

Not at all, we procure highest quality 3M Vinyl Stickers from our sources. We ensure that no Possible harm will be done to your vehicle.

We will be needing Driving License, Car Fitness, Taxi Permit, Car Registration Document, AADHAR Card and your Cancelled Cheque Leaf. We will ask some more if at all we need.

We generally ask for 2 types of Payment Methods, Primary being Bank Transfer. We collect a cancelled cheque from you to get bank details for the transfer. We will also ask for UPI ID or PayTM number. If bank transfer fails, we will transfer the money to UPI ID or your PayTM Account. And if still that fails, we will contact you on timely manner. In case you would like to notify, you can do so by calling +91 9150 9150 37/38

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