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Taxi Top Cab Wrap Design

Eye-catching and effective content that makes a mark

Content plays an important role when it comes to making a distinctive impression among people who take a glimpse at Kaleido Tales’s cab top advertising

  • Share your Vision

    Is your brand happy or serious? Expressing the brand in content shared is vital to influence audiences.
  • Keep it simple

    We believe in keeping our Taxi Top campaigns impactful and straightforward, to delight a range of customers.
  • Tell a story

    The eye is naturally attracted towards light, and illuminated signage automatically stands out in any surroundings. What many people do not consciously realize however is that illuminated signage can have a distinct and lasting effect on its surrounding area.
Taxi Top Cab Wrap Installation

The perfect solution for better Cab Top Advertising

At Kaleido Tales, we understand the needs of our diverse clientele, and offer both standard and illuminated taxi top signs to successfully complete marketing outreach.

  • Customized durable advertising

    Installation is a breeze with our expert team, and we offer taxi rooftop signs in varied sizes, shapes and colours
  • Cutting edge signage capabilities

    Taxi Tops are secured to a Roof Rail & Cross Bar for Safety, and can resonate with feelings of your target audience with a magnificient view of your Visual Story.
  • Easy maintenance and lightweight designs

    Our advertising displays are installed in less than 15 minutes, and require minimal maintenance, While being Weatherproof.
Taxi Heatmap Analysis

Analytics with Heatmap on Google Maps

Customer demographic targeting Advertising benefits greatly from our powerful demographic targeting

  • Live tracking functionality

    GPS trackers and applications are used by Kaleido Tales to keep informed about location hotspots.
  • Assess effectiveness instantly

    As soon as your campaign is in progress, we map it on a Google Maps sheet via heatmaps to see places visited more frequently where you can view it Online or Offline.
  • Better planning and strategy

    Taxis in major cities and towns are everywhere and in all truth are able to cover a wider area range.

Join us If you are Cab Driver or a Vendor with Fleet.

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Taxi Top Video Explaination

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Taxi top advertising can play a big role in fast-tracking advertising and marketing efforts for a wide variety of industries. For instance, if you are a financial institution such as an insurance firm or a bank, Taxi Top medium can be a clear and apt communication of offers, requisites, opportunities like loans, insurances or investments. It enables strong awareness among customers, enhance quality key factor, setup suitable outsells, and live up to technological advances expected by clients for trusting with their hard-earned assets

In healthcare too, if there are new plans or medical facilities available in a neighbourhood, outdoor advertising can increase engagement considerably and promote awareness among potential customers which will in turn garners trust.

Food and culinary experiences are virtually guaranteed to top people's list of the things they like to share and talk about. Restaurants or grocery stores can tie their promotional activities directly into their advertising campaigns. This medium engages people directly, and leverage pleasing appeal of products through awareness, enriched images and eye-catching fonts

Kaleido Tales' Taxi Top is a brand new platform that is easily movable and can reach any nook and corner of the city to connect with diverse audiences.

Because of the mobility factor, there is no risk of saturation. As roads and intersections become crowded and people stop at the traffic light, taxi top advertising is a wonderful way to highlight the amazing aspects of your product. Compared to traditional modes such as newspapers and hoardings, this type of promotional material is exciting and catches the eye

By using GPS location points plotted on a heatmap, Kaleido Tales aims to provide the best quality data to its clients so they can supplement their marketing plans accordingly. You can easily check which areas are frequently visited using findings tracked on Google Maps

Kaleido Tales is all about authenticity and values the customers’ loyalty. We share a proof of performance report with our clients as soon as the campaign is ongoing, with Taxi photos, Cab numbers and additional images.

The TaxiTop is built on light bearing materials, which are perforated to ensure no damage to the vehicle of any kind. With the Cross Bars, the Installation is Hassle Free and Damage-Proof while keeping it modular. While for the Cab Wraps, We use Highest Quality Vinyl Stickers to ensure Look & feel without harming the Car Interiors.

Kaleido Tales has obtained Legal Permissions from State Transport Authorities of Respective States, Regional Transport Offices and Homologation from Central Institute of Road Transport.

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